Only three days after the “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case,” the CCP used the media to propagandize crazily, shifting the crime to the Church of Almighty God. On June 16, “Office of the CCP Central Committee of Guarding Against and Dealing With Cults” called an emergency national teleconference on arranging a special work of punishing the Church of Almighty God. On the conference, the CCP escalated the suppression of the Church into an “urgent, arduous, and significant” political task, strictly enjoining every province, city, and autonomous region to carry out a special action, the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” to punish the Church. It deployed the public security police and armed police to conduct overall blanket and dragnet searches and investigations against the Church, stimulated all the people to inform, and made inquiries of every household in every village. Then it sent out the national security police, Internet police, technological reconnaissance officers, criminal investigation police, security police, and many others, threatening that it would bear down severely with lightning speed and that “after it found a batch of hard cores of the Church of ‘Almighty God,’ it would ferret them out and imprison and severely punish them, so as to maintain a high-handed posture.” Besides, The CCP government’s high officials gave a clear order that “some of them should be fixed to death and some should be imprisoned,” attempting to abolish the Church completely. Then, the CCP brazenly determined the Church of Almighty God to be a “cult” and legislated to punish it. Soon, an unprecedented savage action was carried out overwhelmingly to crack down on and persecute the Church of Almighty God in Mainland China.

First, issuing various confidential documents and announcements successively; creating disasters

Since June 2014, being extremely ferocious and desperate, the CCP has issued many confidential documents in succession and taken a series of actions: On July 18, 2014, it issued a confidential document named “Decision of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Actively Participating in the Special Action of Punishing the Cult ‘Almighty God’ and Cracking down on the Cult Crime by Law” (No.18 [2014]), and ordered to launch a “One-Hundred-Day Battle” with the focus on Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, and other 12 provinces.

On October 7, 2014, the CCP issued the “Reward Notice About Severely Punishing and Guarding Against the Cult of Almighty God according to the Law.” The notice requires: Whoever has The Word Appears in the Flesh and other books, audio-video products, and materials of the “cult” Almighty God, must hand them in on his own initiative within three months. Those who continue to hide and disseminate them will be investigated without leniency in accordance with relevant regulations. … The notice encourages the masses to give clues and rewards those who inform against Christians believing in Almighty God. Anyone who has rendered great service in reporting them will be rewarded 500 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

The CCP’s supreme leaders issued an order: Those who have been arrested due to believing in Almighty God must be caught and interrogated again. Each of them must inform against six persons. And they called it “digging out the root along the seedling.”

Moreover, the Central Committee gave a secret order: There is no principle in treating the believers in Almighty God. People can treat them in any way they like. Whoever sees several people gather together should report them, regardless of whom they are. For one to believe in Almighty God, he has broken the law and he can be sentenced. If he deserves a one-year sentence, he should be sentenced to three to five years. If he is beaten to death due to refusing to confess, nobody will take the blame. As to believers in Almighty God, their descendants must be deprived of the qualification of joining the army, entering a college, and taking the civil service exam. What’s more, they won’t receive any kind of welfare (e.g. the lowest pension) or subsistence allowance, and their three generations will get involved. Those believers in Almighty God who haven’t been home for one year will be regarded dead and their residence registration will be cancelled. Besides, the CCP forcibly brainwashes students in primary and high schools across the country, distributes the materials of blaspheming Almighty God, and asks them to monitor and report their parents by the means of holding parent-teacher meetings, handing out written proposals, pasting posters, and so on. In state-owned units, the leaders require every staff member to sign a statement that they themselves and their family won’t believe in God and to sign the materials of blaspheming Almighty God. Meanwhile, the leaders encourage them to report and promise to give them reward. If any one of them is found to believe in Almighty God, he will be expelled or be discharged from his position and investigated, and he may even be detained or imprisoned.

On June 26, Propaganda Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Shandong Public Security Department, and others jointly issued the “Notice About Strengthening and Standardizing the Work of Propagandizing and Reporting the Criminal Cases Concerning Cults.” It claimed to strengthen the “work of propagandizing and reporting the criminal cases concerning cults,” strengthen the “effort on propagandizing and reporting the criminal cases concerning cults,” and establish the “system of organizing and leading the work of propagandizing and reporting the criminal cases concerning cults” in various places.

On July 4 and 10, the CCP’s “mouthpiece” Qilu Evening Paper made a relevant report that Shandong Public Security Department, responding to the CCP’s “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” launched a special action of cracking down on the “Church of Almighty God” for three months throughout the province. A bank’s head office in Hebei Province issued a secret document, the “Notice About Finding out and Investigating Cultists of ‘Almighty God’ Within the Bank,” and began to find out and investigate the staff (including the working, retired, dealt with, expelled ones, etc.).

On the eve of the summer vacation of 2014, the Education Bureau of Fuqing, Fujian Province issued a red-head document, the “Notice About Preventing the Teachers and Students from Participating in Illegal Religious Activities During the Summer Vacation.” The document requires that all kinds of schools at different levels in the city, including the kindergartens, take urgent measures by making full use of such propaganda positions as morning meetings, class meetings, propaganda columns, and radio stations. For example, through “sending A Letter to Parents,” “organizing students to take part in the anti-cult knowledge contest online,” and other ways and means to restrict teachers, students, and parents from joining in religious activities and know the parents’ belief. After the document was issued, schools convened an urgent meeting of the staff to convey the requirement from the upper level: At present the nation is in the stage of “guarding against terrorism and maintaining stability,” the Church of Almighty God is the key target of crackdown, and teachers and students and parents are strictly prohibited from believing in Almighty God.

Second, local governments responded actively and quickly took all kinds of measures, helping the CCP do evil.

Take Shanxi, Henan, and Hunan Province for example.

To strike and deal with members of the Church of Almighty God, the Deputy Director-General of Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department Li Yusheng and the Secretary-General of General Office of Shanxi Provincial Committee Feng Zheng arranged relevant measures to the departments involved: 1. Led by each local police station of Shanxi Province, the leading group of opposing cults of the Township Party Committee, the Department of Comprehensive Management of Public Security, and the Village (Community) Committee and security personnel should carry out a “blanket” and “dragnet” search from village to village and door to door, aiming to find out the organizational system of the Church of “Almighty God,” the distribution information, the number of members, and the hard cores above the level of small district and their activity routines. 2. Manage members of the Church of Almighty God by their real names and register them; put great effort on finding out those outside the range of surveillance or unregistered ones through deploying special organs to reconnoiter and secret forces to lurk and other means; and reward the informers. 3. The departments involved should watch the tracks of members of the Church of Almighty God and arrest them at any time through the public security committee, public opinion polls association, joint defense team, security information officers, and law propagandists, dispute mediators, coordinators of household registration, compulsory patrol, sanitation workers, and cleaning workers. 4. Make full use of the influence the media and grass-roots “anti-cult education bases” produce on the direction of public opinion to speak with one voice, so as to prevent the masses from accepting Almighty God. The officials from the education department, youth league committee, women’s federation, and others departments should pay a visit to every household to consolidate the anti-cult achievements. 5. Organize religious people to preach the words of condemning Almighty God, so as to prevent believers in different denominations and sects from returning to Almighty God. 6. Strengthen the study classes and intensify efforts in brainwashing arrested members of the Church of Almighty God; besides, convict and penalize some of them, and even if there are no charges against them, they shall be convicted according to Article 300 in the Criminal Law. 7. Stimulate the literature and art organization, grass-roots organization, and the masses in every place to design anti-cult programs of entertainment, promoting “opposing the cult by culture.” Afterward, the cadres at county, town, and village levels in Shanxi Province went house to house to require the villagers to sign and state clearly that they would not believe in Almighty God in the future. In addition, they printed and distributed to all the households a large number of leaflets and pamphlets of slandering, condemning, and blaspheming Almighty God. Moreover, they printed investigation forms, hung banners of “Cracking down on the Cult Almighty God” everywhere in villages, and organized the unbelieving villagers to perform short sketches of attacking and slandering the Church of Almighty God on streets. Through loudspeakers, the village committees broadcast the speeches of attacking and blaspheming the Church of Almighty God all day long, stimulating villagers to report the strangers and the Christians believing in Almighty God who came into the villages. Some villages imposed curfews after 10 p.m., setting up roadblocks in each crossing and street and searching people and checking vehicles that passed by.

In Henan Province, a “dragnet” search is carried out according to the principle of “territorial management” to fulfill “Four Feeling outs” and “Four Not Missings.” “Four feeling outs” are: First, feeling out the organizational structure, spreading channels, and activity rules of “Almighty God”; second, feeling out the hard cores and participants; third, feeling out the recent major activities and the ways, characteristics, and routines of activities; fourth, feeling out the participants’ family environment, economical condition, cultural quality, participation motivation, degree of obsession, actual performance, and so on. “Four Not Missings” refer to: Not missing any community in a subdistrict, not missing any group in a community, not missing any household in a group, and not missing any person in a household. In the process of investigation, those who have signs of activity should be deeply investigated first and strangers should be particularly watched out for; police stations should arrange for the personnel on duty to go into action in time and be on call, letting off no spreaders, ferreting out the backstage organizers and the hard cores…. Every possible means should be adopted to grasp the movements of the “Church of Almighty God” in time and know its rules of activity through various channels.

In Hunan Province, united action is taken to crack down on the Church of Almighty God from September 24 to December 31. At the night of September 25, cadres above district level across the province all had a teleconference, which reemphasized the severe crackdown on believers in Almighty God. In addition, they compiled and printed the materials of resisting the Church (which have been given out to each village) and asked the masses to watch one another and inform. Once one is reported, he must be arrested. In order to intensify the crackdown, “610” Case Team (specially aiming at the Church of Almighty God) has been sent to know the facts and get exact details, biding its time to begin the arrest.

Third, dispatching armed police and regular troops to coordinate with arresting God’s chosen people of the Church of Almighty God; harming the country and the people

From August to September, the CCP successively sent 5 batches of armed police (4,000 in total) and 6 batches of regular troops (over 14,000 in total) to await orders in various regions of Zhejiang Province, so as to suppress Christians of the Church of Almighty God.

Around half past 3 p.m. on September 28, 2014, a secret meeting was held in a police station of Shandong Tai’an City Public Security Bureau. During the meeting, all the participants were not allowed to bring their mobile phones or go back home. The main content of the meeting is carrying out a “blanket search” all over the city, striving to capture all the believers in Almighty God, and killing a batch secretly. Moreover, it was declared that such investigation would be carried on till the end of this year and wound be done even more severely during the National Day holiday. To intensify this action, Tai’an City dispatched over 1,000 SWAT policemen to all police stations.

Fourth, practicing reward system; inducing people to expose and inform so as to create conflicts

The CCP took out tens of millions of yuan to reward those units, individuals, and informers who made outstanding achievements, stimulating the masses to denounce and expose Christians of the Church of Almighty God. It claimed that those who reported one person would get a reward “from 500 to 5,000 yuan.”

After the top of the CCP issued the secret document, the local police in Shandong, Henan, Fujian, and other provinces began to persecute and arrest Christians of the Church of Almighty God through mobile phone information network, pasting up notices, and other means. In the latter part of July, the Public Security Bureau of Bincheng District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province posted the propaganda colored pages of “cracking down on the Church of Almighty God” everywhere and claimed to give informers a reward from 500 to 3,000 yuan.

Furthermore, the CCP government bought off the idlers in society to form a team of “police assistants” to monitor and shadow Christians of the Church of Almighty God in secret.

Fifth, inciting university students to go to the countryside to defame the Church of Almighty God through propaganda; harming students

In the middle ten days of June, the CCP government dispatched students of the Communication University of China to carry out the propaganda of defaming the Church of Almighty God in Tongzhou District, Beijing City. A dozen or so students were sent to several villages there. They not only blasphemed Almighty God through broadcasting in the villages but also gave out pamphlets of blaspheming Almighty God from door to door.

Sixth, watching, hunting, confiscating property of, and persecuting Christians nationwide; creating a horrific atmosphere

During the CCP launching the nationwide “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” countless Christians fell into the CCP’s talons and suffered the evil policemen’s cruel tortures; countless Christians were searched, confiscated of their property, or fined heavily by the CCP, and their family also got involved; some were even persecuted or intimidated to death; to escape the CCP government’s arrest and persecution, a large group of Christians were forced to abandon their lands, jobs, and families and be on the run, living a vagrant and homeless life…. Partly estimated, from July to September 23 of 2014, just in the Church of Almighty God in Shandong Province, at least over 200 Christians were illegally arrested and even interrogated by tortures by the CCP police. Over 500 Christians of the Church of Almighty God in a county of Heilongjiang Province were arrested and imprisoned and suffered cruel tortures. On July 1, a female Christian (81 years old) of the Church of Almighty God in Chongqing City failed to respond to treatment and died because of being beaten by the CCP lackeys. On July 17, a female Christian (53 years old) of Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province was beaten to death alive by the CCP police. On July 20, a female Christian (57 years old) of the Church of Almighty God in Hejin City, Shanxi Province fell to her death from a building after being afflicted and tormented by the CCP judicial authority for 13 days. A male Christian of the Church of Almighty God in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province was arrested by the CCP in a meeting. During interrogation, the CCP policemen burned his palms and nipples with cigarette-ends, and poured three kettles of boiling water onto his body and even his private parts…. The means of torture is brutal to the extreme. A female Christian in Yantai City, Shandong Province was arrested innocently because of believing in Almighty God and the police asked her for a high surety of 30,000 yuan. On August 10, a couple in Yangxin County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province were arrested and detained by the CCP police because of believing in Almighty God, and they were extorted and fined nearly 100,000 yuan. As a result, they became bankrupt and were unable to live. … The evil CCP bloodily suppresses and persecutes Christians of the Church of Almighty God; it has committed a heinous and unprecedented crime, which has reached the climax. Black clouds weigh heavily and danger is apprehended throughout Mainland China, and everyone is on tenterhooks. The evil CCP’s inhuman persecution brings a great disaster to Christians of the Church of Almighty God.

The CCP resists the true God and opposes Heaven, using barbarous means to afflict the defenseless Christians; it is even worse than fascists! The CCP is heinous for resisting Almighty God and it has long been cast aside and condemned by the people of the world. God’s righteous disposition tolerates no offense. All those who resist God will surely receive God’s righteous punishment and retribution! The Chinese people who help and follow the CCP to do evil and resist the true God will surely receive retribution and become the CCP’s victims. Look back to history. In AD 64, the ancient Roman tyrant Nero set Rome on fire and shifted the crime to Christians, wantonly fabricating rumors and stirring up the masses’ opposition to them. He threw Christians into the amphitheater, letting the fierce beasts tear and bite them to death, and he even had many Christians bound with hay and burned to death. Nero’s inhuman slaughter incurred Heaven’s wrath and men’s resentment. In AD 79, Pompeii of Rome was buried by volcanic ashes. This is the overwhelming disaster the Roman tyrant brought to his nation and people because of resisting God! On the contrary, people of Nineveh were filled with violence and God determined to destroy the city; however, when Jonah conveyed God’s message to them, from the king to the masses, all repented to God “in sackcloth and ashes.” Then God forgave them and spared them from disaster.

From the above instances, we see that: The ancient Roman tyrant Nero provoked God’s disposition because of resisting God and slaughtering Christians, bringing the overwhelming disaster to the nation and people; the king of Nineveh led the people to repent to God and then they were saved by God. Thus we see that God’s disposition is righteous and is even more intolerant of man’s offense. Those who resist God will surely perish and only those who obey God can remain. The CCP government hates God and the truth to the extreme; moreover, it deceives and incites Chinese people to frenziedly resist God and cruelly persecute God’s chosen people, and so black clouds weigh heavily across Mainland China, and justice is totally absent in it. It will provoke God to fierce anger and bring the Chinese nation crowning calamity. The CCP is the root and source of China’s encountering all the disasters. Chinese people should awake and reject and rebel against the CCP and turn to God, and only thus can they be remitted from God’s punishment. This is because God is a righteous God. Just as Almighty God says, “We all believe that the thing God will accomplish cannot be hindered by any nation or any force, and that those who obstruct God’s work, resist God’s word, and disturb and damage God’s plan will eventually be punished by God. If a man resists God’s work, God will cast this man into hell; if a nation resists God’s work, God will destroy this nation; if a race rises up to oppose God’s work, God will make this race disappear from the earth and no longer exist. I would advise every race, every nation, and even people in every walk of life to come to listen to God’s voice, look at God’s work, and show some concern for mankind’s destiny, letting God become the most holy, most honored, and most high and only object of worship among mankind, and letting the whole mankind live in God’s blessings as Abraham’s offspring lived in Jehovah’s promises, and as Adam and Eve whom God created in the beginning lived in the Garden of Eden.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

[Almighty God][Eastern Lightning][The Church of Almighty God]

The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.









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